Puerto Vallarta has an estimated population of 307,107 people, as well as five million tourists per year, along with the municipality of Banderas Bay in the state of Nayarit, make the Puerto Vallarta Metropolitan Area

It is the second most important economic zone of the state of Jalisco and the third most important port of Mexico, now it is one of the most visited places of the country.

Puerto Vallarta offers its inhabitants and visitors a good number of beaches that are visited daily, here you can admire a lot of mother natures beauties, historical monuments and works of art, which attracts many domestic and foreign tourists, tourism is widely Promoted in Puerto Vallarta, because the municipality also has areas of nudist beaches, ecological and mountains with beautiful landscapes, which makes it widely attractive to tourists

It also has historical and largely significant constructions, works of art, customs, traditions and legends very typical of Puerto Vallarta, without neglecting the national and international events that are held here, represent for its inhabitants and tourists a very attractive focus. interesting.

Thanks to its hotel infrastructure, the port has also hosted beauty events, some films, television series and countless international conferences.

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